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Substance Use Disorder Counseling

What is a substance use disorder? 

A substance use disorder is a condition that is defined by a progressive and problematic pattern of substance use that leads to significant distress/impairment in someone’s life. Some of these substances include: 






Symptoms of a substance use disorder can be categorized as mild, moderate or severe with symptoms such as : 

-The substance is take in larger amounts over a longer period of time than intended

-Craving/urge to use the substance 

-Continued use despite persistent social/interpersonal problems caused/exacerbated by the substance’s effects 

-A persistent desire to cut down/control use of the substance

How can counseling help? 

Recovery is possible. Through psychotherapy, you will explore underlying issues surrounding your substance use and learn how to cope with thoughts and urges surrounding your use. Referrals can also be made to other support, such as local 12-step recovery meetings.